Spring Self-Care

Sue Van Raes

As we emerge from the winter months, it is a joy waking up to the early morning sunlight and the smell of blooming flowers poking their heads through to warming earth.  This spring renewal can inspire and enliven us to cleanse our lives, our bodies, and our beings for a clearer and energized new season of living life to the fullest.

As you read through the following words and ideas, take a moment to ponder what needs cleansing in your life.  What do you seek to shed this spring. What will “lighten” you up and help you access your inner freedom?

Let’s clean out and cleanse what is not serving us in our lives. Let’s use the energy of the spring to enhance our journey to more radiance and vitality from the inside out.  

Your seasonal vitality comes from a combination of many components –– some of which include your physical health, your thoughts, how you move your body each day, and your sacred space or home.

Check out these seasonal secrets and see what you can do to revitalize yourself this spring season.

  1.  Body

Can you access the rigor and bliss your physical body is designed to feel?  When you wake up each day are you ready to embrace your life with energy and vitality?  If you feel like many people do these days –– a little tired or a little sluggish –– try these health secrets to enhance your energy.

  • Eat With The Season – As the leafy greens spring up, and the dandelions fill your yard, try finding some ways to cleanse your diet with some of nature’s spring treasures.  

In the spring we are designed to eat a bit lighter with more dark and leafy greens, and oh those dandelions do wonders for cleansing the liver. (Be sure they are pesticide free before you eat, or buy at your local health food store.)

  • Add In Fresh Juice – Juicing is a great spring practice. Juicing your greens daily provides the body with extra nutrients that are easily absorbed.  As you pulverize and strain your veggies and fruits in the juicer, you soothe your digestion. You pour liquid nutrients into your system for a fountain of amazing energy and purification. Be sure to keep those sweet fruits to a minimum, and increase the greens to keep your blood sugar in check.
  • Cleanse your body with a whole food diet – This spring try to eating a whole food diet for one week.  See if you notice a difference in how you feel. Whole food eating means eating food found in its whole form.  Avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates and foods that have an ingredient list. This simple way of eating is profound for attuning you to the season, reinvigorating your radiance, and elevating your energy.
  1.  Mind

If you are someone who hears your own self-critic loud and clear all day long, full of shame, blame and self-sabotage, practice cleaning up your self-talk.  Flipping your script means giving your common mental script an overhaul.  What are the most common thoughts that bring you down? Are they about your body, your past decisions, your bad habits?  

Whenever you hear the negative thoughts try to take note, then flip them around in to a positive affirmation as often as you can. This practice enhances unconditional happiness and self-love.

  1.  Movement

One of the most effective ways to elevate and energize your life is through daily movement.  Practices including yoga, walking, hiking or dancing can get your energy moving in big ways. Get yourself out of inertia this spring with some regular invigorating movement that you love.

Take a walk in the beautiful spring air, inspire yourself with your favorite yoga teacher or make yourself a new playlist to accompany your daily run. Learn to feel good in your body through movement.

  1.  Space

Spring-cleaning is not a made-up phenomenon.  We naturally cleanse during the spring season because it feels so therapeutic to climb out of the winter hibernation into a fresh and clear environment.  

Getting rid of the old and making room for the new is an important energizer for both your space and your inner experience this spring.

But in addition to aesthetics, there are proven health reasons for steam-cleaning carpets, airing out curtains and the like –– noting that the benefits can include a healthier immune system, while also keeping spring-allergy symptoms at bay.

Clearing out clutter also helps make your environment a happier and healthier place.  For a little spring-cleaning treat, add some essential oils to your eco-friendly cleaning supplies or diffuse your favorite scent for a wonderful sensory experience.

You are off to a great start for some revitalization and renewal this year. Spring is always an exciting time to start anew, plant our seeds of intention and watch, tend, and nurture them as the season unfolds.  

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