Jai Gobind Band


Born out of a love for music and singing and a vision of healing, The Jai Gobind Band came together to share this magic. We are a group of Kundalini yoga teachers, yogis and medicine tribe members, who have been inspired to transport your heart into a world of passion, love and connectedness through Kirtan and chanting. We play traditional mantras and sacred songs from around the world and bring a beautiful creative, fun and devotion filled feel to our music. Jai means victory, Gobind means the sustainer aspect of God and one who helps everyone. We firmly believe music and mantra can heal the world. Come share with us in this victorious musical revolution!

Engaging your “Savage” is not an act of violence but of love. Love of oneself to react without agenda appropriately in the face of aggression and get home to our loved ones. “By becoming Savage we are free to let go of abusive pasts and move foreword without hate or fear” is Master Carol’s ethos.