Eddie Modestini & Kristin Bosteels


Eddie Modestini and Kristin Bosteels both have a deep and profound love for the practice and teaching of yoga. Eddie has been teaching yoga since 1983 and has studied extensively with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar over the last 35 years. A teacher’s teacher, Eddie is gifted with an excellent eye for detail and a profound ability to read student and bodies. Eddie’s passion is cultivating the inner experience in his practice and sharing that with his students through Yoga on the Inside.

Kristin Bosteels is a lifelong student of yoga and a breast cancer survivor that is healing herself with yoga and inspiring others to do the same. Together, Eddie and Kristin teach the inner, individual experience, offering students space to explore comfort in the discomfort. Both currently study extensively with Senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers Manouso Manos and HS Arun.