Randall M. Weiner


Randall M. Weiner is a yoga enthusiast, rock climber, and environmental litigator of high profile cases throughout the nation. Recently, he convinced the Colorado Supreme Court to rule that the City of Colorado Springs does not have sovereign immunity from remediating its coal tar contaminants which polluted the former arts and yoga center of the Smokebrush Foundation (associated with SunWellness). That February, 2018 decision opened the door to remediation of government-created pollution throughout Colorado. Previously, his victories prevented oil and gas lease sales off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, set a Colorado precedent pesticide spray drifting onto a neighboring property is trespass, halted a major incinerator in New York City, and repeatedly enjoined the infamous Long Island “Garbage Barge” in the 1980s to promote recycling. His firm in Boulder, Colorado brings cases to protect individuals from the impacts of pollution, including litigation to keep the site of the former Rocky Flats nuclear site (near Boulder) closed to public trails. Learn more about Law Offices of Randall M. Weiner.