Thursday Immersions

Kick off the Festival weekend with special immersions designed to expand yourself and your practice. Each immersion is 3 hours long, allowing for you to dive deep and set the tone for a transformational and celebratory weekend.


Dive in with Amy Ippoliti

Thursday, July 14, 2022
8:30AM – 11:30AM

Yoga and The Beauty of Being a Regenerative Consumer

As a yogin and a consumer, you hold more power than you know!

You don’t have to be a farmer, a scientist, or a politician to transform our food system or reverse climate change — you just have to eat, shop, vote, and advocate consciously.

Through a lively discussion and yoga practice in this immersion, you – the consumer – will learn how you can heal yourself, your family, wildlife, and the planet from your very own home.

This immersion is for you if:

  • You want to improve your personal health

  • You’d like to reduce chemicals in your diet
  • You’re passionate about animal welfare, the environment, soil health, or clean water
  • You care about social justice, how farm workers are treated, and the need for access to healthy food for everyone in your community
  • You’re curious how yoga relates to all this environmental stuff
  • You’re concerned about preserving our precious wildlife—and the planet—for future generations

You will:

  • Enjoy a grounding yoga practice with a like-minded group of caring people themed around regeneration – of your body, mind, and connection to source
  • Learn more about healthy soil, the farming practices that build it, and why it matters
  • Find out how you can regenerate biodiversity right in your yard by planting native species (if you have one, or influence someone who does!)
  • Understand the impact that buying, eating, and supporting regenerative organic can have on your health, your community, and our planet
  • Learn how regenerative organic agriculture can fight the climate crisis, increase food access, improve water quality, and more!

Saul David Raye and Friends

Thursday, July 14, 2022
1:00PM – 4:00PM

E A R T H H E A R T: The Power of Yoga, Music & Earth Activism to Shift Collective Consciousness + Be the Change!

Join us for this special Hanuman Festival Immersion uniting Yoga Practice + Philosophy with music, meditation and inspiring EARTH / HEART ACTIVISM Practices.

The yoga tradition has long held a deep connection and reverence for Mother Earth (Bhumi Devi). The understanding that she is a living being and that we are all deeply connected to this planet; physically, energetically, mentally & spiritually is an integral part of Yoga.

The Yoga tradition and other indigenous wisdom traditions hold an essential role in creating sustainable solutions for climate change.

This immersion will draw on some of the deep earth wisdom and practices from Yoga, tantra, Ayurveda and shamanism. Through the practices of yoga, breathwork, meditation, chanting, community and ritual we will awaken a deeper sense of the natural earth activism within of us and the profound nature of our own nature.

Includes Dharma talk, practice, live music, meditation, chanting and simple ceremony.

All levels are welcome.

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